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Look by Alexia-Muller

I recently became a fan, but haven't checked out most of you cosplay styles and art, so forgive if this one goes over my head. My observation: This is excellent. A terror in the expression when the first encounter happened. Like Takagi, not terrified, just shocked at this point. (1st encounter cuz, uniform not torn or dirty, just bloody.) Not the background i would have chosen but I guess that depends how far into the school, perhaps a trophy case at any high school has the really tall glass ones (although that would change the outlook to no glasses and just contacts).
Very nice overall, great shades, great tones, lips, eye color. And a sense of being helpless up against the wall. Good messy look too, At the state that she's in, she ain't worried about how well pressed her uniform is till after. One of the best Takagi players I've seen. Not and exaggerated hair style with super high pig tails, but more life like. Really great job!
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Alexia-Muller Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*_______* thank you for such a nice critique!
ALF1NATOR Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
No problem! I really gotta check my grammar (i was rereading my own stuff and was like what?) but damn, really good shoots. I really enjoy "Dead Shadow" and "Satana" as well. If you request a critique I'll write one for you. (B.T.Dub. I will never put anyones work down there's huge value in all your photos)
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